React Styled Components in IFrames

How can you use Styled Components inside an IFrame? It took some research, but I found an elegant solution using styled-components and react-frame-component.

Happily, styled-components includes a StyleSheetManager component that can take a target prop. The target expects a DOM node, and it will attach its dynamically created stylesheets to that node.

react-frame-component uses React's context API to expose a FrameContextProvider. It includes the IFrame document and window in the context.

You can combine these two APIs as follows to use styled-components inside your IFrames:

    {(frameContext) => (
      <StyleSheetManager target={frameContext.document.head}>
        <React.Fragment>{/* your children here */}</React.Fragment>

This works perfectly with react v16.4.1, styled-components v3.3.3, and react-frame-component v4.0.0.

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