Stephen Haney

The New iPhone Puzzle Game: Introducing Krate

iphone puzzle game chess board

First, I wanted to build the game board using SKSpriteNodes. A good launching point for writing some game rules!

My favorite part of making games . . .

My favorite part of making games is looking back on early screenshots. I love to watch those early, blocky chunks of color transform into immersive game elements. In that spirit, I want to post some early screenshots of Krate, my new twisty, fun iPhone puzzle game.

Krate is my summer Swift learning project, born through the fortuitous coincidence of the Swift announcement with the Spring semester’s end. I often start overly ambitious game projects, doomed to drown by their own weight. No more! This time, I’m going to make an iPhone puzzle game. How hard can it be? 😉

Krate’s concept is simple; anyone who’s played any of the gem/jewel games can pick it up. That said, I wouldn’t be satisfied with a pure copy, so I spent some time thinking on unique mechanics. In this puzzle game, you start with a blank board and fill in tiles with a color randomly assigned on each turn. You can clear tiles any time you have 3 or more of the same color touching. That’s just the beginning, I’ve added more mechanics and compiled an early gameplay video.