Stephen Haney

Krate Advancing by Leaps and Bounds

iPhone puzzle game krate beta graphics

Adding placeholder graphics to Krate makes it feel way more fun!

I am joining in the Summer of Swift fun with Krate. It’s a fitting event for me, as the timeframe fits my predetermined goals perfectly. Plus it enforces a regular update schedule which I can incorporate into Thinking Swiftly.

Krate has improved tremendously over the past few days. The game is already coming to life through new graphics and some easy juice like screen shakes. I’m using the excellent Kenney Asset Pack. Kenney is free to use, but I strongly recommend making a donation as it provides terrific placeholder art.

Quick Progress

I created a lot of the underlying systems for the game this week, including a Sound manager, an open source custom events manager for Swift, and the structure for keeping score and adjusting difficulty.

Also new is the creeping plague of darkness that gives the game a quick pace, and some placeholder particle effects to suggest tile placements. Phew! Lots of good stuff. I’ve included a video of an entire game in the full post.